Meet and eat

“When did you say the lunch was served?”

Back in the old days it was quite common to offer that extra touch – a three-meal menu with linen napkins – and thanks to this kind gesture the meeting participants felt chosen and special. Today focus has moved to the total conference experience as people are more frequent travellers and experience so much more during a lifetime. We like the shift – please challenge us regarding our popular buffets, a barbecue by the lake, a night at the Ekebacken Villa, traditional Swedish festivities such as a crayfish party or a “surströmming” party. We love to make your experience into an unforgettable moment, and we have a wide range of offers up our sleeves.


For us food is not just about eating. It is about love, care and using all your senses.

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It is a huge pleasure to offer you an extraordinary nature experience as soon as you step outside the hotel room.

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