Conference Offers

Your meeting sets our agenda. Together, we create a venue where the purpose of your meeting is our guiding star.

From the simple and informal to the large and official, from information to communication, from the difficult meeting to the high-spirited gathering, indoors as well as outdoors, with or without furniture, equipment, activity, food, rooms, times, allergies, special diets, vegetarian alternatives, transportation, WiFi, fruit and nuts.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions or would like help in tailoring your conference to your specific needs.

All our conference offers include food and drinks. In the meeting rooms you find refreshments such as drinks, sandwiches, fruit, juices and coffee/tea. At lunchtime we offer you our generous salad buffet and two hot-dish alternatives. We boost your afternoons with a coffee/tea break where we serve a sweet dessert or biscuit, fruit, juices and coffee/tea.


For us food is not just about eating. It is about love, care and using all your senses.

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It is a huge pleasure to offer you an extraordinary nature experience as soon as you step outside the hotel room.

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